The All Good Waterproofing Team


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All Good Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is owned and operated by  Royce Filppin. Royce is a lifelong resident of King, NC and has been in  the construction industry for over 35 years.  

Royce has been in business for himself since 1985.  Keeping basement and  crawl spaces dry with his cost efficient waterproofing methods.  Royce  is also a master craftsman when it comes time to apply his masonry  skills. 

Small company that makes a big impression on their customers.

We do the little things that the big companies overlook such as: making  sure clean up is spotless on every job or restoring landscape that may  have been disturbed.     

When it is time to relax Royce loves fishing and camping with his wife Kim and their dog Fenway.

All Good Waterproofing & Foundation Repair would love to talk to you  about your next project. Give Royce a call at 336-757-0547